What parents should know about college?

What are important things to know about a college?

Here are some of the top factors to consider when choosing a college.

  • Academic Majors Available.
  • Affordable Cost of Attendance.
  • Location, Location, Location.
  • On-Campus Facilities & Amenities.
  • Student Activities.
  • Career Services.
  • Do You Feel at Home on Campus?

What are good questions to ask a college?

Overall Campus

  • What makes this school special?
  • What is this school proud of?
  • How many undergraduate students attend this school?
  • How many graduate students attend?
  • How diverse is this campus?
  • How financially sound is this school?
  • What is this school’s bond rating? …
  • What is the average class size of introductory courses?

What every 18 year old should have?

The 18 Life Skills Every 18-Year-Old Needs

  • The ability to talk to strangers. …
  • The ability to complain effectively. …
  • Self-control. …
  • Enough skills to find paid employment, even if it’s just part-time. …
  • Know how to dress for a job once they get it. …
  • Know how an ATM, debit and credit cards work.

What should I do with my daughter before she goes to college?

Here are some sweet and smart ways to make the most out of this time together.

  • Look at Their Baby Photos. …
  • Get Together With the Grandparents. …
  • Take an Extended Family Photo. …
  • Have “The Talk” …
  • Let Him Know You’re Their 911. …
  • Reassure Them the Adjustment to College Isn’t Immediate. …
  • Teach Them How to Cook Five Easy Dinners.
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What makes a college unique?

Colleges vary in their “financial friendliness.” Friendlier colleges offer more grants and scholarships, meet more financial need, and keep the average debt of graduates low. Retention rates. The number of students who return from year to year can indicate how happy students are with the campus.

What are students looking for in a college?

Your character and the personal qualities you can bring to a college are important too. That’s why you need to think about your goals, accomplishments and personal values and figure out how you can best express those in your applications. Colleges look for qualities like leadership and a sense of social responsibility.

Notes for students