What do I need to know about college cheerleading?

Basic cheer stunts include extensions, liberties, walk-in stunts and toss stunts. Highly competitive teams might require full up stunts, rewinds and handspring up stunts. Some schools also look for dancers who can perform a tumbling pass in addition to common skills.

How do you prepare for college cheerleading?

10 Tips For College Cheer Tryouts

  1. Prepare Well The Night Before. You will probably feel a bit nervous the night before tryouts, and that’s okay! …
  2. Study The Team ‘Look’ …
  3. Reach Out & Introduce Yourself. …
  4. Set Yourself Up For Success. …
  5. Relax. …
  6. Let Your Personality Shine. …
  7. Pay Attention To The Little Things. …
  8. Know The Material.

What is it like to be a college cheerleader?

People may enjoy cheerleading for the feeling of camaraderie that goes along with any group activity. Some may enjoy it for the athletic feats, which are similar to gymnastics. Some even do it for the pride of being on the squad (this is more associated with girls).

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How much does it cost to be a college cheerleader?

Competition Fees

Fees can range from $1,000-$1,200. In total, the cost for a year of cheerleading can run you $3,500- $6,000 give or take depending on how serious and advanced your cheerleader is and what type of cheer they are involved in.

How much do you have to weigh to be a cheerleader?

Cheerleaders have talked about 120 lbs being the maximum limit for being selected as a cheerleader. So you can take 120 lbs as the safe limit and try to be within this number for having a good chance to be selected. Overall you would like to be within 95 to 125 lbs to be a good cheerleader.

What is a good age to start cheerleading?

“I would say seven to eight years old is a good time to start. Around that age, they truly know what they want. Tumbling prior to that would be a plus, but competitive cheerleading should start around that age so they aren’t too shy and have that ‘edge.

Can you start cheer 11?

One of the best things about cheerleading – aside from everything – is that you can join the sport at any age! For some it’s a dream come true! But others are scared that it’s too late to do great.

How much does a college cheerleader weigh?

Lowry: The average girl is between 4’11 and 5’3 and weighs between 95 and 125 pounds.

What skills do you need for college cheer?

Common skills needed at top colleges include quadruple pirouette, aerial (preferably both sides), advanced turns, and advanced jumps. Coaches evaluate a recruit’s cheer performance, from voice projection to proper motion technique. Every school will ask to see the recruit perform their cheer and fight song.

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How competitive is college cheerleading?

There are over 150 Division 1 colleges that offer cheerleading, and the majority of them are competitive, meaning they participate in the Universal Cheerleader Association or National Cheerleaders Association competitions.

How hard is it to be a college cheerleader?

Cheering in college is hard work and it takes good time management to keep up with your coursework (and possibly work a part-time job too), but it is lots of fun cheering games, competing, learning, and sweating with your teammates who end up being friends for life.

Do you get paid to cheer in college?

Cheerleaders can get a $1,000 stipend for dorm fees. They can also win stipends for travel, uniforms and cheerleading camps. Scholarships are awarded to cheerleaders for up to $4,000 per year.

Is there an age limit for college cheerleading?

There is no age limit! Remember, at a lot of these junior college cheer is a class so it’s really easy to just go to the school to compete.

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