Quick Answer: How much cheaper is a student Opal card?

With a Concession Opal card you can travel as much as you want on metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail services within the Opal network and you never pay more than $8 a day, $25 a week, or $4.00 on Saturday and Sunday and public holidays.

Is Opal free for students?

The School Opal card gives eligible school students free or subsidised travel on public transport between home and school on trains, buses, ferries and light rail in the Opal network.

Is it cheaper to use an Opal card?

Opal is cheaper. using the Opal card gives you a discount on the full fare. using a credit card means you are charged the full fare.

Is Opal card cheaper than single ticket?

Opal benefits

Lower fares – Opal card fares are cheaper than Opal single trip tickets and Opal single bus tickets. Capped fares – No matter how much you travel with Opal you never pay more than your daily, Weekly or Sunday travel caps.

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What Opal card does a 16 year old use?

The Child/Youth Opal card is for anyone aged between 4 to 15 years (inclusive), and full-time NSW/ACT school students 16 years of age or older with a NSW/ACT Senior Secondary Student Concession card, issued by their school, as proof of entitlement.

How do students get Opal?

How to apply

  1. Check the eligibility requirements.
  2. Ensure you’ve given consent for your tertiary institution to share your details with TfNSW at least 2 days ago.
  3. Select the ‘Apply online’ button.
  4. Select ‘I want to order a concession Opal card’.
  5. Select ‘Continue ordering an Opal card’.
  6. Complete the registration details.

Can I use my debit card as an Opal card?

Contactless is a quick and easy way to pay for your trip on public transport on the Opal network. If you have an American Express, Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card or a linked device, you can use it to pay for your travel by tapping on and tapping off at Opal readers. … Find out more about paying the right fare.

Can I put my Opal card on my phone?

Android users

If your mobile device has Near Field Communication, you can scan your Opal card with your phone to see your current Opal balance and recent journey information.

What do I do if I lost my student concession card?

If you lose your School Smartcard

Simply call 1800-CALL ONE (1800-2255663) which operates daily from 8am to 6pm (excluding public holidays) and provide your NRIC number or concession card number along with your contact number.


How much is bus concession for students?

Fare Structure

Bus Monthly Concession Passes (Unlimited bus rides)
Cardholders Price
Secondary Student $29.00
Polytechnic Student $29.00
University Student $55.50

Please make a loss report via our hotline at 1800-2255 663 (operating daily from 8am to 6pm, except on public holidays), by providing your NRIC/concession card number and contact number.

Can you buy a ticket on the train?

In most circumstances, you must purchase a ticket before you board a train. On most Amtrak trains, only the full, undiscounted, unrestricted fare will be available for purchase onboard the train. This is regardless of reservations made or fares previously quoted by ticket agents, Amtrak.com or elsewhere.

What is the maximum charge on Opal card?

With an Adult Opal card you can travel as much as you want on metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail services within the Opal network and you never pay more than $16.30 a day, $50 a week or $8.15 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

How do I pay Opal by phone?

The Opal digital card is a mobile version of the Adult Opal card, stored in the digital wallet on your phone. Simply tap on and tap off with your mobile device to pay for public transport, similar to using a contactless-enabled phone or watch.

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