How do I use my student choice gift card online?

Can I use my student choice gift card online?

How to use online. You can use your gift card as a payment method in our Student Choice catalogue. The catalogue includes Spotify or ASOS e-gifts that are available in fixed denominations. Just pick the partner and e-gift value, enter your email address and proceed to check-out.

How do I use my student choice card on ASOS online?

To spend your Student Choice Gift Card on ASOS, just follow these steps:

  1. Visit Student Choice to exchange your Gift Card for an ASOS Gift Card.
  2. Once exchanged, you’ll no longer be able to spend this value with any other partnering retailers.
  3. You’ll be emailed a 16-digit code and a 4-digit pin.

Can you use Tesco student card online?

Easy to use

Spend your card in-store or online in just a few clicks.

How do I check my student choice balance?

Call our balance inquiry line any time on 0121 260 2849.

Where is the 16 digit code on ASOS voucher?

Using a Gift Card

You’ll need to enter the 16-digit code and 4-digit pin on the back of the card. Make sure you enter the 16-digit code that is on the gift card, rather than anything shown on the packaging. Once saved, your gift card will be ready to use the next time you get to checkout.

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Does JD accept choice?

Students like to have it all – and with a Student Choice gift card, they can!

How do I use a student code on ASOS?

To use your discount, simply enter your unique student code into the ‘Promo code or Student Code‘ box at the checkout.

Does Tesco do student discount?

Information about Tesco

As you may expect, there is no Tesco student discount but you should keep your eye on this page for offers on food items, electronics and more as well as general savings such as money off your weekly shop.

How do I use my Tesco student card?

The Tesco Student Shopper card is available from the main gift card display in Tesco Superstore and Extra stores and can be topped up at any time, in any Tesco store. It is free to spend the balance, which can be found on the till receipt when you top up or spend using the card.

How do I redeem a Tesco gift card?

How does it work? The e-gift card must be presented at a self-service or manned checkout in a Tesco UK store. It can’t be spent online. The amount redeemed from an e-gift card and the balance remaining on it will be shown on the till receipt, which you should keep.

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