How do I make a student list on PowerSchool?

How do I export Students list in PowerSchool?

Log into PowerSchool with your Admin accont: I suggest using Firefox so you can get the export to automatically open in Excel. From your start page enter your search or click on ”All” students. This will give you the list of students, under the list choose ”Export Using Template”.

How do I see who is in my class on PowerSchool as a student?

A: You can see what your students will see by using the View as Student option found in the Manage Class menu. For the most part, while editing your class you are already seeing what your students will see, in the Theme you have chosen for your class! To see the class just as they would, choose View as Student.

How do I print a list of students in PowerSchool?

*Since PowerSchool only displays the first 500 names, you will need to use Select Students by Hand option in the drop down Functions to see the entire list. If you need to print the entire list, choose the List Students option, follow through the Report page setup and Submit.

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What is the CC table in PowerSchool?

Summary: There’s a table in PowerSchool called CC (4) that keeps track of the course catalog. The table includes courses, the students who are taking them, and the teacher of the course.

How do you pull a grade from PowerSchool?

To access the tool in PowerSchool Learning, Log in with an admin account and select Senior Systems Grades under the Reports tab in the domain control. To generate a report, you will need to choose the School Year, Class Schedule, and Grading period for which you want to export grades.

How do I pull a parent email from PowerSchool?

Grab Parent and Student Emails in PowerSchool Pro

  1. First, log in to our Powerteacher Pro. …
  2. Next, select your class and check the box ‘Student Email’ and/or ‘Parent/Guardian Email’ if you would like to email to the whole class.
  3. Scroll down, and click ‘Build list’.

How do students check Grades PowerSchool?

A: To view grades as a Student or Parent, go to the Grades tab in any of your classes and choose Gradebooks.

Can teachers see your screen on PowerSchool?

A: Yes, as a teacher, you can view the exact same screens that Parent/Student users access, called the Quick Lookup screen. This information is available through the PowerTeacher Portal feature named Quick Lookup.

How do I print a class list in focus?

Select the My Information tab. 2. Click Print Class Lists.

How do you create a custom report on PowerSchool?

Roll your cursor over School & District Data, and under Report Builder, click Custom Reports. To use your saved student set, click Choose a Saved Student Set. On the My Saved Reports page, you see your saved student set. Notice that it says Build Report.

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How do I list my students GPA on PowerSchool?

List Student GPAs (Cumulative GPA)

  1. Select the desired Students.
  2. From the student functions pull-down menu pick Print Report.
  3. Select the Report named “List_Student_Cumulative_GPAs”
  4. Click Submit, and pickup your job in the report queue when it completes.
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