Frequent question: When can I register Solano Community College?

How do I register for classes at Solano Community College?


  1. Steps to Registration.
  2. Step 1: Complete an Admission Application online.
  3. Step 2: Complete Orientation.
  4. Step 3: Assessment/Multiple Measures.
  5. Step 4: Submit official transcripts.
  6. Step 5: Apply for Financial Aid and Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS).
  7. Step 6: Meet with a Counselor.

When can I register for summer classes at Solano Community College?

Open registration for these classes is available until midnight prior to the class start date if seats are available. Late registration will apply when the class begins.

What are the requirements to attend Solano Community College?

Admission to Solano Community College is open to anyone who is a high school graduate, has the equivalency of a high school diploma, or is at least 18 years old and shows evidence of being able to benefit from instruction.

How do I apply to community college?

How to Apply For Community College, Step by Step

  1. Step 1: Decide Where to Apply. …
  2. Step 2: Fill Out and Submit Your Online Community College Application. …
  3. Step 3: Provide Your High School Diploma, GED, or Transcript. …
  4. Step 4: Provide Proof of State Residency, If Applicable. …
  5. Step 5: Submit Your FAFSA.
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What types of classes are offered at Solano Community College?


  • Aeronautics.
  • Automotive.
  • Cosmetology.
  • Drafting.
  • Industrial Education.
  • Occupational Education.
  • Welding.

Where is the financial aid office located Solano Community College?

Attn: Mailed or Faxed copies will not be accepted. Originals must be submitted in person. The student above may be eligible for financial aid as an independent student. When validation is complete, please return the form to the Solano Community College Financial Aid Office, 4000 Suisun Valley Rd., Fairfield, CA 94534.

How many steps must be followed in the matriculation process to put you on the right path?

Another definition states, “the formal process of entering a college or a university or of becoming eligible to enter by acquiring the necessary prerequisites.” The student matriculation process involves five simple steps.

How do I check my Solano email?

You should have received an email containing your User Name from the college when applying for admission. If you can not locate this email, please try to use the “Find My Username/Password” option on the homepage of My Solano. It is located under the Secure Access Login Box.

How long does it take for a community college to accept you?

If you applied for early decision, you should be notified around December 15th. If you applied to colleges where there is rolling admission, it generally can take six to eight weeks to receive a decision. Regular admission deadlines are around the 1st of the year and those decisions are revealed in March and April.

Do community colleges accept everyone?

Namely, most community colleges have an open admissions policy. That means, in theory, that they accept anyone who applies if they meet the minimum qualifications. Usually, that would mean you just need to show your high school diploma and pay your tuition and enrollment fees.

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When should I start applying for community college?

Don’t wait until the spring to submit your application

Given that the community college is becoming less of a back-up option, students should submit their applications in the fall and early winter when they submit their four-year college and university applications. This also includes financial aid applications.

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