Frequent question: Does module learning impact students performance?

Conclusions showed that there were significant differences between modular and traditional in general comprehension of students’. Findings depicted that students taught through modular approach gained higher mean score in teacher made general comprehension-based test than students taught through traditional approach.

How does modular learning affect?

Modular learning has advantages and disadvantages. … And this learning system can’t help in developing our oral skills as well as social interaction. One of the advantages also is that we can learn the lessons by ourselves. We can be more determined or independent in learning issues.

Is modular learning effective for students?

Modular teaching is more effective in teaching learning process as compared to ordinary teaching methods. Because in this modular approach the students learn at their own pace. … Modular approach helps to maximize the chances of student participation in classroom in respect to fulfill the given tasks at the spot.

What is the importance of module to the students?

It helps students to obtain information more systematically and practically. That modules are one of the teaching materials packed wholly and systematically; there is a set of planned learning experience inside designed to help students to comprehend specific learning goals [3, 4] .

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Why do students prefer modular learning?

Just like the rest of the country, many have preferred to do modular learning due to the absence of a gadget that can be used to access their lessons. … Offline learning is for those students who have gadgets but do not have access to the internet.

Why Modular learning is difficult?

Some modules do not have clear instructions and explanations so students have a hard time answering them. The pictures in the modules are not clear and the provided answer lines are too short. The modules have a lot of exercises, and the students lack motivation and focus.

How modular distance learning affects students?

Another massive consequence of distance learning is how it has impacted the mental health of students. … Anxiety and mental health issues can also have an impact on entire families. Students may act out, seclude themselves, and not communicate with their families as much.

Is modular A learning?

Modular learning, as the word connotes, uses learning modules that facilitate student learning by themselves. Modular learning is a form of distance learning that uses Self-Learning Modules (SLM) based on the most essential learning competencies (MELCS) developed by the teachers with the aid of curriculum developers.

Are self learning modules beneficial to you?

The Benefits Of Self-Study For Students

And when students are engaged (and excited) about what they are learning, they’re able to remember it better. Self-study also helps build study skills your child can use to explore new topics or tackle challenging schoolwork.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of blended learning?

Because contrary to the traditional methods, blended learning doesn’t require the trainer to be present all the time. Traditional classroom settings are constrained to a limited number of people at the same time. For some training topics, it’s impossible to transition to online training completely.

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What is the negative effects of blended learning?

Lack of social interaction, limited collaborative learning, need for more preparation time and high cost are the several negative implications to students, educators and institutions from blended learning.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of distance education?

Advantages of Distance Learning

  • Greater Flexibility. …
  • No commuting. …
  • Significant Cost Savings. …
  • Convenient Learning. …
  • Lack of Social Interaction. …
  • High Chances of Distraction. …
  • Complicated Technology. …
  • Questionable Credibility of Online Degrees.
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