Can you double major at Manhattan College?

How many majors at Manhattan College?

We offer more than 100 majors, minors, graduate programs and advanced certificates, as well as degrees that can be earned fully online or combined with a traditional classroom experience.

Is Manhattan College a CUNY or SUNY?

Manhattan – The City University of New York.

Does Manhattan College have pre med?

Why Choose Pre-Health? … The pre-health concentration at Manhattan College is designed to provide students with the necessary foundation for a career in the health professions.

Is Manhattan College expensive?

Manhattan College has a full cost of attendance budget that includes tuition, fees, room and board, books, transportation and personal/miscellaneous expenses.

Cost of Attendance.

Tuition $42,800
Miscellaneous living expenses** $1,200
Transportation** $1,200
Room/Board Commuter $2,500
TOTAL COST $53,320
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Notes for students