Your question: How do you get the student surpasses the master trophy?

How do you get the immortal trophy?

Complete every missions without dying or reloading to a checkpoint at any difficulty. This is a new trophy, not present in the original. To unlock this trophy you must complete every mission (with the exception of the “No Russian” mission, which is not required) without dying or reloading to a checkpoint.

Can you beat BX time in mw2?

The Student Surpasses the Master achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered. Beat BX time in ‘S.S.D.D. ‘.

How do you get a headbanger in mw2?

How to unlock the Headbanger trophy. At the beginning of the mission, head up the hill and to the right. There is an enemy up the stairs who you can shoot in the foot and then throw a grenade at his head while he is on the ground. reload the checkpoint as needed.

How do you destroy BTR in Modern Warfare 2?

You are instructed to use the Predator missile to destroy the enemy BTR IFVs/APCs, but instead head over to Burger Town. After killing the enemies inside, pick up the RPG and head over to the roof of Nate’s Restaurant where there will be an ammo crate.

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