You asked: How do I get my transcripts from Holmes Community College?

Is Holmes Community College a good school?

Holmes Community College is a excellent community college that will help students prepare to transfer to an university or get an associate’s degree. The online courses are decent depending on the subject you’re taking. Communications with teachers might be a bit slow, but overall, it’s manageable.

What is Holmes Community College known for?

Mission Statement. Holmes Community College, a comprehensive public institution located in Central Mississippi, provides innovative educational and cultural opportunities to its constituents through campus-based and distance education programs.

How do I send my transcripts to Holmes Community College?

College Transcripts

  1. mailed directly from the college to Holmes. Holmes CC Articulation, PO Box 398, Goodman, MS 39079.
  2. delivered in person to the admissions office *
  3. electronically delivered **

How much is room and board at Holmes Community College?

How much does Holmes Community College cost?

Holmes Community College Cost of Attendance
In-state $3,410
Out-of-state $5,990
On-Campus Room and Board $3,150
Off-Campus Room and Board

How do I enroll in Holmes Community College?

Go to the Holmes CC website and click on ENROLL NOW. 2. The ENROLL NOW page will be displayed.

What are Holmes Community College Colors?

Holmes Community College School Colors: The college colors of Holmes Community College are Red, White and Black (Nickname: Bulldogs, Mascot: Bulldog).

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