What do you need as a nursing student?

What things do I need for nursing school?

20+ Must-Have Nursing School Supplies

  • Stethoscope.
  • Stethoscope Identification Tag.
  • Scrubs.
  • Badge Clips/ Reels.
  • Badge Lanyards.
  • Badge Cards.
  • A Nursing Watch.
  • Nursing Shoes.

What nursing students need for clinicals?

Just like you need a backpack for your nursing student supplies, you’ll need a bag for your nursing supplies. This handy nursing bag makes it easy to carry everything you need for clinicals, including your stethoscope, blood pressure devices, scissors, gauze, bandages and more.

What do I need for the first day of nursing school?

Here’s a list of 10 must-haves for your first day of nursing school:

  • Scrubs.
  • Comfortable footwear is a must-have!
  • Watch with a Second Hand.
  • Folder or Binder.
  • Lots of Pens, Pencils, Highlighters (different colors), and Notecards.
  • Smartphone or Planner.
  • Clinical/Lab Supplies.

How difficult is nursing school?

You’re headed for a great career, one that’s rewarding, challenging, and always exciting. But nursing school is notoriously difficult. Most nursing programs require high GPAs and impressive scores in math, chemistry, biology, psychology, and other demanding subjects. It’s also extremely fulfilling.

What grades are needed for nursing?

CNA and LPN programs might not have a minimum GPA, while many associate’s programs require at least a 2.5. College and universities offering bachelor’s and graduate degrees often require a 3.0 or higher. The more advanced the degree and prestigious the program, the better your GPA will need to be.

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What can nursing students do?

This includes providing and receiving verbal reports, preparing and administering medication, documenting care appropriately, providing emotional support and patient education, and delivering culturally competent care that respects each patient’s individual beliefs. Administer CPR as appropriate.

What Every nurse should have in her bag?

The most common supplies nurses have in their bags are:

  • Stethoscope. …
  • Books. …
  • Scissors and Micropore Medical Tape. …
  • Lotion and Hand Sanitizer. …
  • Six saline flushes.
  • Retractable pens.
  • Sanitary items – gauze, sterilized mask and gloves, cotton balls.
  • OTC pharmacy items (cold medicines, ibuprofen and other emergency meds)

How do you survive in nursing school?

Use these “survival” tips from nurses to lighten the load of nursing school.

  1. Develop a routine. …
  2. Practice an after-class recap. …
  3. Find a solid study group. …
  4. Mix exercise into your study sessions. …
  5. Eat well and nourish your body. …
  6. Rely on your support system. …
  7. Ask for help. …
  8. Seek out peer support.

Is nursing harder than med school?

Medical school is much harder than Nursing School. Not only is it much harder to get into Medical School, but the volume of study at Medical School is also a lot greater than in Nursing School. Whilst there are similarities in what is being taught, Medical School goes into a lot more detail.

Do you have to be smart to be a nurse?

Nope. In fact, nursing school has to be challenging because life as a nurse is challenging (but rewarding). There’s a lot you have to know, and to really know something takes a lot of work, study, and practice. … You will have the mind and knowledge and skills of a nurse.

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