What county is St Francis University in?

Universities and colleges in Cambria County, Pennsylvania.

Is St Francis a Catholic university?

Francis Of Assisi Catholic School Photo #3 – We are a fully accredited academic institution offering your child a curriculum at the forefront of innovation. St. … Francis School apart is a faculty and staff committed to rigorous and advanced educational approach with an immersive Catholic community experience.

Is Saint Francis University a party school?

Saint Francis University sits on beautiful wooded acres, and is nestled along scenic mountain chains. However, for those who can not appreciate the simplicity the school offers, alcohol and partying becomes more than typical for some students.

Is University of St Francis hard to get into?

Acceptance Rate

How hard is it to get into University of St Francis and can I get accepted? The school has a 46% acceptance rate ranking it #6 in Illinois for lowest rate of acceptance.

What does Francis mean?

Family name origins & meanings

English : from the personal name Francis (Old French formFranceis, Latin Franciscus, Italian Francisco). This was originally an ethnic name meaning ‘Frank’ and hence ‘Frenchman‘. The personal name owed much of its popularity during the Middle Ages to the fame of St.

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Notes for students