What college is in Missoula MT?

How many colleges are in Missoula Montana?

There 21 colleges within 200 miles enrolling a total of 131,454 students.

How much does Missoula college cost?

Missoula College students are not eligible for WUE. * Reflects the 9 credit value for tuition and fees.

9 to 11 Credit Enrollment Status:

Cost of Attendance In State Out of State
Tuition and Fees * $3,282 $12,038
Room and Board ** $11,054 $11,054
Books and Supplies $660 $660

Does Missoula College have dorms?

UM Housing manages three areas: Residence Halls, Lewis and Clark Village, and University Villages – which provide a variety of housing options for single students, students with dependents, and University guests.

Is Billings a college town?

Billings, MT

With so much to offer, our city isn’t your typical college town. … Nicknamed the “Magic City”, Billings was founded as a railroad town and remains the trade center for Southeast Montana and the supporting region.

Is Billings MT a college town?

The various college towns in Montana will also provide one with a stimulating learning environment that will also provide the social aspects needed to enjoy one’s college years.

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School Rocky Mountain College
City Billings
Enroll 1,083
In-State Cost $36,586.00
Out-State Cost $36,586.00

Is it expensive to live in Missoula Montana?

Missoula has a population of 72,364, making it both Montana’s second largest city and the 494th largest US city. Missoula has an average monthly rent of $852 which is substantially below the national average rent. The cost of living in Missoula is substantially lower than the national average.

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Why is Missoula so expensive?

Housing costs are so rising quickly in Missoula because of “remarkable growth” in the economy and population, says Eran Pehan, director of Housing and Community Development for the city of Missoula. … And a lot of that comes down to housing supply,” she says.

Is college free in Montana?

Montana State University, the state’s largest and fastest growing campus, awards the most free tuition. This year it plans to award $24.8 million in tuition waivers and scholarships.

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