Quick Answer: Can students edit Google Slides in canvas?

Collaborations provides the option to create a Google Drive Document, Spreadsheet, or Presentation that students can collectively create and edit as a group or class. Everything is done in Canvas so you don’t have to create the document and add editors separately in your Google Drive.

How do I make Google slides editable in canvas?

To do this, click on your File menu on your google slides. Select “Publish to web” and in the Embed tab choose the size you want, copy the embed code, and click Publish. Find the Canvas page you want to embed the slides into, open the HTML editor and past the code where you want it. Save the page.

How do you make a Google slide editable for students?

Make a copy for each student—Students get their own copy of the file with their name added to the document title. For Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files, both you and the student can edit the document. When students turn in the assignment, they can’t edit the document until you return it to them.

Can students write on a Google slide?

You can draw and write notes on these types of files: Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

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How do I share my Google slides with students without Google classroom?


  1. Rename the file and add the student’s name. …
  2. To share each student’s file with them, you’ll need an email address for them. …
  3. Force a copy to each student by having them click a force copy link. …
  4. Under WHO HAS ACCESS, click CHANGE.

How do I submit a slideshow Do you canvas?

Publish and Embed a Google Slide

  1. Open up the Presentation in your Google Drive (you may have to convert to Google Slide)
  2. Go to File->Publish to the Web.
  3. Start Publishing the Presentation and Copy the Embed Code.
  4. Put the Embed Code into the HTML editor anywhere in Canvas.
  5. Save and View your Presentation in Canvas.

How do you submit slides on canvas?

How do I submit an assignment from Google Drive in Canvas?

  1. Navigate to the Canvas Assignment. From within your Canvas course, navigate to the assignment you’d like to submit. …
  2. Navigate to the submission screen. Click on Submit Assignment. …
  3. Choose your submission method. …
  4. Submit Assignment.

Where is HTML editor in canvas?

Go to the page of the Canvas Course you wish to modify. 3. Click the Edit button and then Select the HTML EDITOR.

Can Google Slides be used in canvas?

Google Slides can create an embed code (iframe) for the presentation, which means that it can be embedded directly into a Page here in Canvas so students can view it inline or published as a link. If you make any changes to the Google Slides, those automatically populate to wherever the slide show has been embedded.

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How do I embed a Google slide?

Open your Google Slide presentation and go to Publish to the Web (under File > Publish to the web).

  1. Click on Embed. …
  2. You’ll receive a warning that you’re about to publish to the web. …
  3. After you press OK, your HTML embed code will appear in a box. …
  4. Add the Embed Code.
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