Is Thomas More University d1?

— Effective today (Monday, July 1, 2019), Thomas More University makes its official move to the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and the Mid-South Conference from the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III.

What is Thomas More University known for?

Thomas More is a private, Catholic university located in Crestview Hills, Kentucky in the Cincinnati Area. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 1,295 undergraduate students. The Thomas More acceptance rate is 91%. Popular majors include Business, Nursing, and Liberal Arts and Humanities.

Does Thomas More University have a football team?

(Crestview Hills, Ky.) – The football program at Thomas More had two of its football members named to COSIDA’s Academic All-District Team as announced by their national office on Thursday, June 10.

What division is St Thomas More?

Thomas to jump from Division III to Division I. The NCAA gave the University of St. Thomas permission Wednesday to jump directly from Division III to Division I, the final clearance for a bold move born out of the Minnesota private school’s ejection from its conference for being too dominant.

How much is St Thomas More Tuition?

In this section

Living on Campus Commuter
Tuition 33,060 33,060
Fees 1,700 1,700
Orientation Fee* 250 250
Room/ Board 9,688
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Do you have to be Catholic to go to Thomas More University?

The College welcomes students of all faiths. Founded: Thomas More College was founded in 1978 by Catholic laymen.

Does Thomas More have engineering?

Typically, after the first year at the Engineering school, the student is qualified to receive the B.S. in Physics from Thomas More. Normally after the second year, the B.S. in Engineering is obtained.

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