Is Indiana University a d1 school?

It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. … The school’s sports teams are notorious competitors in the NCAA Division I Big Ten Conference, and, since Indiana University does not have a mascot, all teams are known simply as Hoosiers.

What division is Indiana in?

What colleges are d1 in Indiana?

Division I

Team School City
Indiana Hoosiers Indiana University Bloomington Bloomington
Indiana State Sycamores Indiana State University Terre Haute
IUPUI Jaguars Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis Indianapolis

Is Indiana University a good school?

IUPUI ranked highly for best undergraduate teaching, tied for 49th among national universities. … For individual programs, the Kelley School of Business at IU Bloomington ranked 11th overall among national universities, with two programs in the top five of individual listings.

What state has the most Division 1 schools?

What State Has the Most Division I Basketball Teams?

  • 1. California (26) …
  • Texas (24) …
  • New York (22) …
  • North Carolina (18) …
  • Maryland (9) …
  • Mississippi (6) …
  • Alaska (0)
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