How much is a clicker for college?

The clickers cost around $25 each, and in most cases the students purchase them along with their books. But since there are several programs available, mostly offered by text book publishers, one clicker will not necessarily fit all.

How much does a clicker cost?

Clicker Upgrade (from Clicker 7)

Product Name Standard Price
Clicker Upgrade – OneSchool 5 Licenses (3 year subscription) $1,200.00
Clicker Upgrade – OneSchool 10 Licenses (3 year subscription) $1,500.00
Clicker Upgrade – OneSchool Site License (3 year subscription) Includes full Clicker@home* access $4,500.00

Whats a clicker in college?

Clickers are an interactive technology that enables instructors to pose questions to students and immediately collect and view the responses of the entire class. … The system instantly collects and tabulates the results, which instructors can view, save, and (if they wish) display anonymously for the entire class to see.

Is iClicker Reef free for students?

Students/participants will have a free 14-day iClicker Reef trial and will then need to purchase a subscription to continue using it to answer polls.

Are clickers zombies?

Clickers are created when humans are infected with a mutated form of a fungus called cordyceps. Over time, an infected human loses brain function and becomes a zombie-esque creature referred to as a stalker, before eventually mutating into a clicker.

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How do you use clicker questions?

The students ponder the question silently and transmit their individual answers using the clickers. The teacher checks the histogram of student responses. If significant numbers of students choose the wrong answer, the teacher instructs the students to discuss the question with their neighbor.

Do I need to pay for iClicker Reef?

Creating an iClicker REEF account is free. Please check with your instructor to ensure that they are allowing REEF to be used in their classes before trying to use the app instead of your iClicker 2 remote.

Can I use my phone as an iClicker?

A: Yes. iClicker Cloud supports the use of mobile devices and laptops in your class. … If you are using iClicker Classic, you must enable the use of mobile devices and laptops in your course settings.

What can I do with my old iClicker?

Students may return iClicker products to a bookstore with proof of purchase. For products purchased for a department or in a class set, the client will need to contact us to request a replacement and return the defective unit to us for analysis.

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