How many students go to UMKC?

Университет Миссури в Канзас-Сити

Is UMKC a Tier 1 university?

UMKC’s research output ranks 47 percent higher than MIT, 205 percent higher than Harvard and 243 percent higher than Stanford University. The ranking study is carried out once every five years, so UMKC will maintain the No. 1 spot for five years.

How many students live on campus at UMKC?

With nearly 16,000+ students who come from all 50 states and 85+ countries, there’s a place for you at UMKC.

Is UMKC a good University?

UMKC landed the #708 spot in College Factual’s 2021 ranking of best overall colleges in the United States. The higher ed experts analyzed 1,715 colleges and universities across the nation to determine this ranking. Out of the 46 colleges in Missouri, UMKC is ranked at #17.

Is Kansas City a safe city?

Generally, Kansas sees more violent crime than several neighboring states and the national average. However, concern over violent crime remains low compared to the national average. The violent crime within the safest cities accounts for 5% of violent crime statewide.

Why should I go to UMKC?

Gain Real-World Experience. UMKC has unique connections to a ton of businesses and internship opportunities, and we’ll help put you on the path toward your dream job. We’ve got four years to help you launch your career, and it’s not a responsibility we take lightly.

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Is UMKC a good medical school?

UMKC Today

The school jumped 11 places, to 64th, in the ranking of primary care medical schools, and rose five places, to 83rd, for research medical schools. The school also was recognized in the magazine’s new rankings for service in underserved areas, rural medicine and diversity.

How hard is it to get into UMKC?

The acceptance rate at University of Missouri – Kansas City is 56.5%. For every 100 applicants, 57 are admitted. This means the school is moderately selective.

How do you get into UMKC?

Admission to UMKC is determined by a combination of ACT score, class rank and the completion of the 17 core requirements of the university. Applicants for admission to the B.A./M.D. program must achieve an unweighted GPA of 3.0 in the 17 core requirements of the university.

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