How many students go to St Andrews University?

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How many students go to St Andrews?

University of St Andrews

Shield of the University of St Andrews
Latin: Universitas Sancti Andreae apud Scotos
Academic staff 1,137
Administrative staff 1,576
Students 10,535 (2019/20)

How many international students go to St Andrews University?

9,100 students from over 130 different countries make up a significant part of the town’s population, and St Andrews covers the whole area rather than a defined campus.

Is St Andrews a prestigious University?

As a 600-year-old institution, it’s no surprise that the University of St Andrews is known across the globe as a world leader in education. Our consistently high rankings in both national and global league tables place us within the top 100 world universities.

How many people at St Andrews get a first?

Percentage of St Andrews’ students achieving a First

33.3% of men attained a First, whilst 27.9% of women did so. This is a 5.4 percentage point gap in favour of men. 33% of men attained a First whilst 28.6% of women attained a First.

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How hard is it for Americans to get into St. Andrews?

Andrews is exceptionally difficult to get into. Not only should you be aiming for a 3.15 but also SAT scores around -. Getting into University of St. Andrews is no easy feat and you will need to set yourself apart with more than just numbers and data.

Who studied at St Andrews?


Name Year/degree Notability
Adam Ferguson 1742 M.A. Philosopher and historian of the Scottish enlightenment; “the father of modern sociology”
Steve Boardman 1989 PhD Medieval historian
John Craig M.A. Classicist, Firth Professor of Latin at the University of Sheffield
William Craigie 1888 Philologist, lexicographer

What type of people go to St Andrews?

Applicants from Scotland and most of the European Union are educated at St. Andrews for free. British students from England, Wales, and Northern Ireland must pay, but their fees are less than half what international students (from outside the E.U.) pay.

Why is St Andrews ranked so high?

St Andrews ranking is by virtue of its high scores for student satisfaction and experience, graduate employment and the quality of its academic programmes. For decades, the universities of Oxbridge had traditionally monopolised first and second place in every UK university league table, until last year.

Is St Andrews better than Oxford?

The University of St Andrews has beaten Oxford for the first time in the Guardian’s 2020 University league tables. The Scottish university came in second place, while Cambridge took the overall top spot. … The rankings are based on data tied to institutional performance and student outcomes across UK universities.

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Is Edinburgh better than St Andrews?

University of Edinburgh ranks #25 and University of St Andrews ranks #2 in the UK according to Guardian 2020 league table. …

What GPA do you need to get into St Andrews?

Undergraduate applicants

completed at least one year in full-time higher education by the point of intended entry to St Andrews. have a minimum average grade of 3.2 (on a USA 4.0 GPA scale) or equivalent.

Is St Andrews a Russell Group?

Whilst being part of the Russell Group might be a measure of prestige, there are plenty of well-respected universities who aren’t members. … Top universities, such as St Andrews, Lancaster, Bath, Loughborough, Sussex and Leicester, are regularly ranked highly but don’t belong to the Russell Group.

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