Does Western Washington University have Greek life?

While we do not have Greek Life at WWU, University Residences offers the opportunity for residents to engage in Living Learning Communities and themed housing communities.

Is Greek life big at washu?

Greek life is big, but not too big. It provides most of the social life and parties on campus, although off-campus activities can be found downtown, and in other areas, that are unrelated to greek life.

Is Western Washington University a party school?

Tons of raging parties almost any night of the week.

Is Western Washington worth it?

Overall I would say that Western is worth it, but be prepared to be a little frustrated with the system.” “WWU was a supportive learning environment with lots of wonderful class options. I enjoyed especially the opportunities to learn through field classes offered by the Huxley School.

What percent of washu is Greek?

Approximately 35 percent of students are affiliated with Greek life at Wash U.

Are professional fraternities considered Greek life?

Professional fraternities are different than social Greek organizations because professional Greek life allows both men and women into the same community. … The Panhellenic Council governs women’s sororities while the Interfraternity Council governs men’s fraternities.

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