Did Korone graduate from Tokyo U?

Is Korone a Tokyo University graduate?

Korone is in her mid twenties, she graduated from Tokyo University about 6 years ago. Her character is not meant to be a child.

Is Korone really a boy?

Inugami Korone (戌神ころね) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, and is a member of the subgroup hololive Gamers (ホロライブゲーマーズ) alongside Shirakami Fubuki, Ookami Mio, and Nekomata Okayu.

How many Hololive members are there?

As of August 2021 there are now 57 talents under Hololive and its branches (30 Hololive, 9 Holostars, 6 Hololive ID, 11 Hololive EN, and 1 INNK Music).

Is there a boy Hololive member?

Holostars (ホロスターズ), is a male-only Virtual YouTuber agency established by Cover Corp. Auditions for the first batch began on May 27, 2019, and the group initially debuted with 3 members.

How do you pronounce Korone?

Korone: Mm-mm. Mio: IT’S FINE!

Who’s the oldest hololive member?

The first hololive 5th generation to debut. Yukihana Lamy, the oldest Hololive member to this date.

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