Can ASU Online students use the gym?

Students may use fitness facilities on all campuses. ASU students who are not assessed the applicable fees (e.g., online students ) and students who were enrolled in the previous semester, or students that will be enrolled in the upcoming semester.

Does ASU have a gym for students?

All users of the Sun Devil Fitness Complex must reserve their space prior to coming into the building. 2 reservations per day. At this time, membership access to the Sun Devil Fitness Complex is limited to current students and faculty/staff only.

Do you lose your ASU email after graduation?

Can I keep my ASU email after graduation? Yes, if you’d like. When you graduate from ASU you have the option to continue using your ASU email account.

Is the ASU pool heated?

Our roof-top, 25-yard, heated leisure pool provides the opportunity to swim laps, engage in water volleyball or simply unwind while enjoying the scenery of Downtown Phoenix. We have two lap lanes, equipment for informal recreation and offer swimming fitness classes.

Does ASU have a free gym?

Group fitness is free for ASU students. No registration is required. You will need your ASU ID to participate.

What email does ASU use?

What is Your ASU Email Address? ASU provides email addresses to people affiliated with ASU at the beginning of their affiliation. Faculty and staff are typically given two addresses – their and their

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How do I withdraw from ASU?

During the fall or spring semester, submit your withdrawal request by signing in to My ASU, click on the Registration link in your My Classes box, and select Drop/Withdrawal. Your request will be electronically routed to your college or department for review and next steps.

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