Best answer: Does Sacred Heart University have sororities?

Sacred Heart is dedicated to challenging and inspiring students in the classroom and beyond. Our Greek community is home to over 1,800 students and includes eight sororities and five fraternities. Each of our Greek organizations is based on the principles of leadership, scholarship, service and sisterhood/brotherhood.

Why you shouldn’t join a sorority?

1. Only So Much Time in the Day. If you join a sorority say goodbye to a social life, or at least any social life outside of the sorority. With all the volunteer work, meetings, parties and other shenanigans sororities are involved with, there really isn’t any time to expose yourself to things outside of Greek life.

What GPA do sororities look at?

Most minimum GPAs are around 2.7 to 3.0. You may be able to find each sorority’s GPA on their official sorority website. Another idea is to look up the grade report for your college.

How much do sororities really cost?

The cost of sororities and fraternities is much higher than many newly initiated sisters and brothers realize. From rushing registration fees and social fees to chapter dues and room and board charges, the cost of going Greek typically ranges from $600 to $6,000 per semester, plus rush and alumni fees.

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What is the hardest sorority to get into?

Alpha Phi is the hardest to get into… Depending on how many legacies are going through recruitment, probably Kappa Delta is the hardest.

Is it worth being in a sorority?

Joining a fraternity or sorority is a great way to meet new people and build lasting connections. Many fraternities and sororities offer academic support and leadership opportunities. Greek life requires a significant time commitment throughout the year.

Should I join a sorority if I’m shy?

Yes! Literally any woman in college can go through sorority recruitment and join a sorority regardless if they are introverted or extroverted. You shouldn’t let the fact that you’re shy or introverted hold you back from joining a sorority.

Can sororities see your GPA?

Because every sorority has a GPA requirement

And they check it. At many schools, like my own, the Greek GPA is even higher than the average student body’s.

Do sororities look at your grades?

Sororities are always looking for academically gifted women. At the same time, though, the only time you have to worry is if your GPA is below the minimum GPA requirement. I am sorry to say that having a GPA lower than the minimum is the first thing many sororities cut for–even if they love your personality.

What should you not do during sorority rush?

What to NOT do during recruitment.

  • Don’t go into recruitment with only wanting to join one sorority. Like I said above, you want to stay open-minded throughout recruitment. …
  • Don’t listen to gossip. You will hear gossip during recruitment. …
  • Don’t only answer the members’ questions.
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